We have many scripts avaliable that range from low level monster combat to high level monster combat. Allowing all types of players to fully experience the bots abilities. Whether its from training at goblins to fighting dragons, we’ve got it.



Magic is also one of the scripts we offer besides melee. There are two options for the magic script, Alching or Fighting. The alching side will allow you to be able to quickly low or high level alch any item of your choice into gold for experience. The fighting side of the script will allow you to train magic by attacking monsters.


logsWoodcutting and Firemaking

Another set of popular scripts our bot offers is the Woodcutting, and Firemaking scripts. These two seperate scripts allow for a player to cut any tree and bank at almost any location, and allows a player to then burn the logs for firemaking experience.


One of our most popular scripts is the fletching script. This script allows simple bows and arrows to be fletched from logs, all the way to magic bows and arrows. The possibilities are endless and the money from fletching is lucrative.



Hunter is one of the hardest 99’s and most profitable 99’s. With all the possibilities of animals to hunt, this script would almost seem impossible. We are glad to say we have one up and flawless for you all. This script hunts anywhere from crimson swift’s for the beginners, all the way to the money makers doing chinchompas. Anything hunt-able is in this script.

im123Mining and Smithing

Mining and Smithing are common skills that can get quite tedious and boring. With these two scripts you are able to mine any ore at almost any location in the game and then smelt it into bars and also has the feature to be able to make the bars into armour.



Everyone wants to have a high agility, but doesn’t have the time to repeatedly click the same thing over and over. As a result of this we have an agility script to allow the player to select any agility course that meets their level requirements and have the ease of watching it play for them, or simply leave the computer and come back another time to check the progress.



If you are looking to making some quick cash, runecrafting is the way to go. One of the most respected 99’s in the game can be achieved by just simply clicking the play button on this script. With rune choices from crafting the simplest of runes like airs, to high level ones like double natures; we have all your runecrafting needs.



Herblore being one of the hardest, most expensive and most respected 99’s in the game. Osrsbot offers a herblore script to easily get you the levels and the money needed for this amazing skill.



Crafting is a quick and easy 99. If you want to either spend money and go fast the xp way, or go slowly and make money; this script can do either way. Whether you are choosing to make gold bracelets or diamond necklaces we can do it for you.

fishingCooking and Fishing

We have to your use an amazing Fishing and Cooking script. You have the choice of fishing any fish at any location in the game, and also the convenience of cooking anywhere there is a range and fire. With these two separate scripts combined 99 Fishing and Cooking is just a download away. Oh, and don’t forget the money that’ll come from those 99’s.


Besides the Melee and Magic scripts we didn’t want to leave out Ranged. So we now have a ranging script that allows the use of any ranged weapon and its ammunition either at the ranged guild for tickets, or against an npc of your choice.


goldMoney Making

Besides from basic skills we diverse into straight money making. We have 5 methods of making quick cash in this script for you to choose from. Now these are our little secret, so i can not place them on the site for all to see; but if you’re interested in making quick cash and not playing all the time. All it takes is a download to find out what we have in store for you.



Looking to make some quick cash and gain thieving levels? Then this script is for you. Thieving is a very popular skill but can be tedious to constantly click pickpocket or steal from a chest/npc. This script does it all for you allowing you to sit back and relax while we do the work for you.